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Panasonic N510042738AA P50B02002BXS2C 20W CM402 Z-axis motor

Panasonic N510042738AA P50B02002BXS2C 20W CM402 Z-axis motor

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Place of Origin:Japan
Brand Name:Panasonic

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Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:box
Delivery Time:1-2days
Payment Terms:T/T
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Supply Panasonic KME machine head motors


CM402 Motor:

1, CM402 Y axis motor KXF0CWLAA00, Specification: HC-RFS103-S1

2, CM402 X axis motor N510005279AA/KXF0CWNAA00: HC-MFS43-S24 (400W, 3AC 122V 2.8A MITSUBISHI)

3, CM402 Z-axis motor (standard type) N510042738AA/KXF0CWQAA00/N510030834AB: P50B02002BXS2C (20W)

4, CM402 Z-axis motor (weight) N510042737AA/N510030833AB / N510030833AA / N510002508AA: P50B02001BXS7C (15W)

5, CM402 & CM602 feeder feeding motor: N510048142AA/N510006106AA (9.6W) / KXF0DG9AA00

6, CM402 & CM602 feeder coil motor: N510043555AA/N510043589AA/N610007300AA/N510046420AA

7, CM402 track motor N510048981AA / KXF0DWW9A00 / KXF0CWVAA00 (10W)

8, CM402 to angle the motor (standard type) KXF0DHSAA00: TS4502N2227E500

9, CM402 to angle the motor (lightweight) KXF0E1LXA00: TS4602N1520E500

10, CM402 & CM602 automatic tray TL Motor N510022126AA: HF-MP23B-S25 (INPUT 200W 3AC 113V 1.4A)

CM602 motor

1, CM602 Z-axis motor N510056943AA/N510027476AA/N510044462AA: RMTA-A001A12-MA13

2, CM602 turn angle motor N510008188AA: TS4602N1521E500

DT401 motor
1, DT401 Z axis motor KXF0DGFAA00/N510035942AA/N510042739AA: P50BA2003BCS4C

2, DT401 turn angle motor KXF0DGEAA00/N510042740AA: P50BA2002BXS3C (3W)

NPM motor

1, NPM multifunction head Z-axis motor N510043456AA: P50BA2003BCS4D

CM202 Motor:

1, CM202 Z axis motor KXF0DXE7A00/011AC181050: TS4502N2225E500 (50W/24V)

2, CM202 turn angle motor KXF0BLAAA00/010DC181250: TS4502N2223E500 (50W/24V)

CM301 Motor:

1, CM301 the X-axis motor 010CC282130

2, CM301 in the Z-axis motor N510005278AA/010VC181010/KXF0DXEMA00: HC-MFS0335BW1-S4, (30W, 12V)

3, CM301 is to angle the motor KXF0DXEYA00/010WC181010: HC-MFS0335W1-S4 (30W, 12V, 2.6A)


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