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Place of Origin:Japan
Brand Name:YAMAHA

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Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:box
Delivery Time:1day
Payment Terms:TT, Paypal
Supply Ability:Large in stocks

Supply YAMAHA machineI Sensor

KV8-M7160-00X KGB-M653A-00X
                        uM-TR-7383VFPN UM-TL-7383F
                        SENSOR HEAD ASSY
                        Part nr.: 5322 132 00141  Part nr.: 9965 000 01332  9965
                        000 10927
                        "2 Part Sensor Receiver Assembly. Takex Transmitter:
                        UM-TL383F Receiver: UM-TR383VFPN"
                        KV7-M654F-00X   SENSOR 3      E2S-Q22   
                        KV7-M654G-00X   SENSOR 4        E2S-Q22B  
                        KV7-M653F-A0X   SENSOR 3       E2S-Q22B  
                        KV8-M653H-00X   SENSOR 5 ASSY 1        E2S
                        KGB-M653F-10X   SENSOR, 3 ASSY        E2S-Q22B   R
                        KV7-M653A-00X   SENSOR,1 ASSY 1 L=600   E2S-Q22B   X
                        KV7-M653E-00X   SENSOR,2 ASSY 1 L=600   E2S-Q22B   X
                        KV7-M653A-20X   SENSOR,1 ASSY 1 L=300   E2S-Q22B   Y
                        KV7-M653E-10X   SENSOR,2 ASSY 1 L=300   E2S-Q22B   Y
                        KH2-M655E-00X   SENSOR,1-2        E2S-Q22B   W
                        KV7-M653A-20X   SENSOR 1 ASSY:L=300   E2S-Q22B   W
                        KM0-M655F-10X   SENSOR,1-3         7232  
                        KH4-M655F-20X   SENSOR 1-3 2         7233  
                        KU0-M655F-20X   SENSOR,1-3         7234   
                        KH5-M655A-02X FIBER 
                        KH5-M155A-03X SWITCH, OPTICAL ASSY
                        KH5-M655A-A1X SENSOR,1-1
                        KV8-M653F-A0X   SENSOR, 3 ASSY         E2S-Q22   
                        KV8-M653G-A0X   SENSOR, 4 ASSY         E2S-Q22  
                        KGB-M653F-10X   SENSOR, 3 ASSY         E2S-Q22B R
                        KGT-M654L-A0X SENSOR, DOWN 1 ASSY 3    E2S-Q22B
                        KGT-M654M-A0X SENSOR, DOWN 2 ASSY 3    E2S-Q22B
                        KM9-M7158-00X   SENSOR,HEAD   GXL8HUB   
                        KM9-M7165-00X   SENSOR,HEAD   GXL8HUB   
                        KM9-M7159-00X   SENSOR,R AXIS   GXL8HUB   R
                        KM8-M7160-00X   SENSOR,HEAD   7832  
                        KM0-M655A-00X   SENSOR, 1-1   GXL8HUB   XY
                        KM0-M655E-00X   SENSOR, 1-2 1   GXL8HUB   XYW
                        100XG   872P
                        KGB-M654F-A0X   SENSOR, 3 ASSY        871R
                        KW3-M653A-00X   SENSOR, 1-1 ASSY        871R  
                        YVPXG                   871R
                        KW3-M653A-10X   SENSOR, 1-1 ASSY        871R
                        YG200   872P
                        KGT-M654K-A0X SENSOR, R ORG ASSY        E2S
                        KGT-M654L-A0X SENSOR, DOWN 1 ASSY 3   E2S
                        KGT-M654M-A0X SENSOR, DOWN 2 ASSY 3   E2S
                        KGT-M654N-A0X SENSOR, CLUTCH ASSY 3   E2S
                        KGT-M654G-A0X SENSOR, POS 1 ASSY 3   E2S
                        KGT-M654H-A0X SENSOR, POS 2 ASSY 3   E2S
                        KGT-M654J-A0X SENSOR, HEAD ASSY   7832
                        KGT-M220D-00X SENSOR, ORG (L=350)   E2S   X
                        KGT-M220E-00X SENSOR, OT (L=350)   E2S   X
                        KGA-M260A-00X SENSOR, ORG (L=300) 2   E2S   Y
                        KGA-M260B-00X SENSOR, OT (L=300)   E2S   Y
                        KGB-M653F-10X SENSOR,3 ASSY. 1   EE-SX872P R
                        KV8-M7160-00X   SENSOR HEAD ASSY   7383   
                        KGT-M654J-A0X   SENSOR HEAD ASSY   7832  
                        KGB-M653A-00X   SENSOR HEAD ASSY   7383  








































































































































KH5-M655A-02X   5322 132 00032 FIBER CABLE, FIBER SENSOR













Nozzle Detect Sensor (brand: Honeywell; rating: HPX-A2) Sensor Amplifier YAMAHA




















































































































































































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