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24 Channels Bathrive - 24 K Thermal Analyzer / Temperature Tester

24 Channels Bathrive - 24 K Thermal Analyzer / Temperature Tester

Product Details:

Place of Origin:china
Brand Name:Bathrive
Model Number:Bathrive - 24 k

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1
Categories: Backgrounds Colour: Silver / Black
Accuracy: 0.1 To 0.3℃ Can Be Set Size(Including Insulation Sleeve): 10.5"(L)×3.3"(W)×1.05"(H)
High Light:

smt pressure sensor


surface mount components

temperature tester (U.S.)24 channels

1, the traditional temperature curve measurement and set has been a time-consuming job, andKICtheSlimKIC StartType temperature/Time setter can solve the problem of the traditional process.

2, the operator can choose from has set a good solder paste properties database used solder paste. SlimKIC StartAutomatically set the required process or window frame.

3, if matchNavigatorTMAfter a test software, the software automatically accurate budget making process should be qualified operatorsYou can choose from has set a good solder paste properties database used solder paste. SlimKIC StartAutomatically set the required process or window frame.To reduce the repeated test requirements.Test requirements.

4, SlimKIC Start to providePWIIndicators, to help operators understand set good process ability.Operators can decide whether to fine-tune optimization.

5, if matchNavigatorTMSoftware, can automatically select the best in all possible parameter combination the set point, without artificial judgment and test and optimize.

6, if cooperate AutoFocusTM software, can be set up from past experience for you to calculate the initial process parameters.Do not need to own speculation.Software also have automatic learning function, had enough experience to once is completed after the bestPWISettings.

7, if matchKIC PilotTMFor some still can automatically regulate the parameters setting of the stove, the stove without manual adjustment.

8, in complex or a lotBGASuch asPCBAIn the traditional5Measurement of channels-Probe is already could not meet the technical requirements.

9, KIC Series provide the channel 6, 9 and 12.KIC Start with 6 channels.Wave soldering, reflow soldering, general.

10, the furnace temperature tester now provides the industry's top thermometer, on software, the simulation curve function, curve comparison function and on temperature measurement accuracy is not with the unparalleled in other similar brand;The host hardware, eliminating the general thermometer and heat preservation box when the temperature adjustment and separated twice cumbersome process, host directly on insulating material's heat preservation box, does not need to take out directly when measuring and read into the computer interface.KIC SlimKICTM provides high accuracy and automation to you!

1, the performance superb softwareKIC NavigatorTM is SlimKIC Start option.The software of automatic analysis of several millions of temperature and speed chain combination, and in a very short period of time (a minute) provides user optimization Settings.

2, the use of quick and easyUsers only need to tell KIC NavigatorTM his process requirement, the software will give him the best of the set point.Its highly automated ability make not familiar with the process operators can also be used.Users no longer need to try several to get the set up is to optimize the furnace.

3, the optimization process more accuratelyAs a result of the limitation of time resources, increase or decrease amplitude of artificial Settings generally can't be too small (about 5DHSC).KIC NavigatorTMBut in the1DHSC of small amplitude adjustment, make the process more accurate optimization Settings.

Product description:

1. Accuracy: + / - 1.2 ℃

2. Analysis of the degree: 0.1 to 0.3℃ can be set

3. Sample rate:The fastest can reach60rds/sec

4. The internal working temperature: 0℃ ~105℃

5. Working temperature: - 150.℃ ~+ 1050℃

6. Hot lotus root type:Ktype

7. measurement(Hot lotus root)channel:6 channel

8. The power supply:9VAlkaline batteries

9. launch/Receive frequency:433.92MHz

10. size(Including insulation sleeve):10.5"(L)×3.3"(W)×1.05"(H)

11. KICWireless transmission can make customers know moisture meter in real-time condition in the furnace,To obtain real-time status of the furnace.

12. KICSpecial heat insulation sleeve,Can make the operator can need not wear gloves,And safe and convenient.

13. KICusing9VStandard cell, low cost and easy to purchase, will not affect production.

14. KICtheNavigatorCan help customers in the shortest possible time to complete the stove temperature regions.24 Channels Bathrive - 24 K Thermal Analyzer / Temperature Tester

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