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Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:FUJI
Model Number:PZ14601

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:box
Delivery Time:1day
Payment Terms:TT, Paypal
Supply Ability:1000pcs/day
Minimum Order Quantity:1



Supply FUJI SMT (Surface-Mount Technology)nozzles for FUJI machine


GGPH424                                 HOOK       XPF

GFPH110                                  STIFFENING PLATE   XP143

GFQC122                                  CYLINDER XP

GFPH105                                  SPRING     XP143

GGPH454=GGPH263                 SPRING     XPF-L/S

GGPH453=GGPH262                 SPRING     XPF-L/S

GGPH228                                 SPRING     XPF

GGPH302                                 FELT RING XPF

GFPH258                                  COUPLING       XP142E/143E

XB0102=XB0446                       CONVEYOR BELT     NXT

XM0047                                   AC SERVO MOTOR  NXT,H12S(Z,R,Q)

GGPH351                                 RING FELT XPF

H5066E                                    STEEL BALL       XPF

S1058                                      SILENCER  NXT

K5527T                                    CONTACTOR    NXT

K5613B                                    BLOCK      XP141E/142E/143E

SS-301E PZ16851                      COIL SPRING    NXT,H12S

K5051H                                    CONNECTOR    IP1D,IP2

T5061A                                    FLOPPY DISK DRIVE CP732E/NP1

R1009A                                    LAMP NXT

H55102=H6181                         BOLT XPF

H5510                                      BOLT XPF

RH0247                                    HARNESS  NXT

RH4484                                    HARNESS  NXT FEEDER

AJ159                                       HARNESS  NXT

H4225                                      BEARING   NXT

DEPH109                                  ROUND NUT    XP

DNPH162                                 ROD  NXT

DNPN302                                 SPRING     XP142E/242E

DNPH108                                 PIN    XP142E

DNPH160                                 SPRING     XP142E

DNAJ004                                  GAUGE      XP142E 

DNAJ005                                  GAUGE      XP142E 

DNAJ006                                  GAUGE      XP142E 

DEQC022                                 CONVEYOR BELT     XPF-L/S

AA70X                                      SERVO MOTOR       NXT2

DNPH210                                 STOPPER   XP142E

DNPH209                                 SPRING     XP142E

DNPH1511                               SPRING     XP142E

DNPH1521                               SPRING     XP142E

DETR460                                  PULLEY      XP242E

DETR461                                  PULLEY      XP242E

AGFTR8201                               TIMING PULLEY ASSY      XP241E/242E/243E

AGFTR8211                               PULLEY ASSY    XP241E/242E/243E

DNPN357                                 SHEET RUBBER XP241E

KJAC0192                                 TAPE GUIDE     NXT

PH0054                                    CLAMP BKT      NXT, STICK FEEDER

H4209W                                   BEARING   NXT

H4217T                                    BEARING   NXT

H4217T                                    BEARING   NXT

H4571                                      TIMING BELT    NXT

K1006L                                     COUPLING       NXT

H1124D                                    SOL VALV E      XPF-L

H1124F                                    SOL VALV E      XPF-S

H1124Z                                    SOL VALV E      NXT

H10212                                    BATTERY   NXT,QP341E

H1021H                                    BATTERY   NXT

H4218K                                    BEARING   NXT

H2120M                                   FUSE  QP341E

H2002Y                                    FUSE  NXT

H2002                                      FUSE  CP732E

H1021                                      BATTERY   NXT

H3010                                      FIBER UNIT      XP141E

H1336                                      SOL VALVE       NXT

H3022L                                    FILTER       NXT

H3022T                                    FILTER       NXT

S4028                                      SENSOR    NXT

S3130A                                    PHOTOELECTRIC SW       NXT

S4026                                      SENSOR    NXT AIM

S4044                                      PHOTO SENSOR      NXT

S4029E                                     SENSOR    NXT AIM

GFQC123                                  AIR CYLINDER  XP143E

GFQC124                                  AIR CYLINDER  XPF-S

S4032                                      SENSOR    NXT

S4044                                      PHOTO SENSOR      XPF-S

S4042A                                    PHOTO SENSOR      NXT

S4077L                                     PHOTO SENSOR      NXT

S4040X                                    PHOTO SENSOR      NXT

S4028H                                    SENSOR    NXT

S4044                                      PHOTO SENSOR      NXT

K1131F                                     CCD CAMERA   XP142E,242E

T4017D                                    HARD DISK       NXT

XS0350                                    FIBER UNIT      NXT

XS0145                                    FIBER SENSOR  NXT

A1039                                      AMPLIFIER NXT

XB0300                                    Ball Screw NXT

XB0079                                    BALL SCREW     NXT

XB0333   VQZ115R-5G1-CP-X44 SOL VALVE      SOL VALVE     NXT

XH0080                                    FILTER       NXT, H08

XH0040                                    FILTER       NXT

XH0040                                    FILTER       NXT

XH0080                                    FILTER       NXT, H08

GGAJ040                                  GAUGE      XPF

2MGKCA0256                           CONVEYOR, BELT    NXT

XB0416= =2MGKCA010300       CONVEYOR, BELT    NXT

XB0418= =2MGKCE003200       CONVEYOR, BELT    NXT

XB0330= =XB04170                  CONVEYOR BELT     NXT2

XB0331                                    CONVEYOR BELT     NXT2

XB0421= =2MGKCA010600       CONVEYOR BELT     NXT2

XS0180= =XS03690                  SPOOL      NXT

A1040M                                   AMPLIFIER NXT

AGGTF817                                PULLEY ASSY    XPF-L

AB2760                                    SYRINGE   NXT

ADNPJ803                                MASTER GAUGE      XP142E/242E

ADNPH818                               PIN    XP142E 

ADNPH817                               PIN    XP142E 

AGFPN8140=GFPN1130             RING STOPPER XP142E/143E/242E/243E

AGFPN8150=GFPN1140             FILTER       XP142E/143E/242E/243E

AGFPN8160=GFPN1150             FILTER       XP142E/143E/242E/243E

AGFPH801                                PISTON ASSY    XP143E

AA1FZ04                                   FILTER      

AJ532-1                                      NXT

AA65D00=PM0L6W0                 SYRINGE   NXT2

PM07RX6                                 SYRINGE   NXT2

AA1ZX08=AB2770                     SYRINGE   NXT

SAM684                                   SERVO MOTOR       XP242E

A5190                                      O RING     NXT2

A5053R                                    O RING     NXT

A5172X                                    O RING     NXT2

A5202R                                    O RING     XP142E

A1068D                                    SENSOR AMP   NXT

A1068C                                    SENSOR AMP   XP141E

A5178Z                                    O RING     NXT

A5192E                                    O RING     NXT

A5193E                                    O RING     NXT

A5192D                                    O RING     NXT

A1042T                                    AMPLIFIER NXT

AA19H03                                  FILTER       NXT

ADNGC818                               DISPERSION PLATE  XP142E

ADNGC833                               DISPERSION PLATE  XP242E

A5054X                                    O RING     NXT

A5053C                                    O RING     NXT

A5190                                      XP142E     XP142E

A5188S                                    O RING     NXT

ADNAJ831                                GLASS CHIP      XP242E

PZ0237                                     SPRING     NXT

PZ0232                                     SPRING     NXT

PZ5301                                     HEX SOCKET BOLT   NXT2

PZ1336                                     COIL SPRING    NXT

PM5905                                   GUIDE       NXT

PM074Z1                                  COLLAR     NXT

AMGKHA0351                           SHEET       NXT2

PS0356                                     SHEET       NXT2

PP0087                                     SHUTTER   NXT

PM5956                                   COLLAR     NXT

PT0075                                     MOVABLE CUUTER  NXT

PH0057                                    HOLDER    NXT

PM0CCF2                                 HELICAL GEAR  NXT2

PM59842                                  ROLLER NEEDLE      NXT

H4130E                                    BEARING   CP6

H5264T                                    HEX SOCKET BOLT   NXT

H10697                                    SOL VALVE       NXT

H2001R                                    FUSE  NXT

H20013                                    FUSE  NXT

H2124A                                    FUSE  NXT

H2121A                                    FUSE  NXT

H5066E                                    STEEL BALL       XPF

H4509K                                    TIMING BELT    NXT

H4519T                                    TIMING BELT    NXT

H45735                                    TIMING BELT    XP142E

H4509L                                    TIMING BELT    NXT

H45731                                    TIMING BELT    NXT

N4019A                                    HEX SOCKET SET SCREW NXT

N4018A                                    HEX SOCKET SET SCREW NXT

N1079B                                    HEX NUT   NXT

S4042A                                    PHOTO SENSOR      NXT

PM0KBN5                                MOVABLE CUTTER   NXT2

S4044                                      PHOTO SENSOR      XPF-S

S4067C                                    SENSOR    XPF-L/S

T5047M                                   TRANSFORMER       XP142E

S3120                                      PHOTOELECTRIC SW       NXT

S4077K                                    PHOTO SENSOR      NXT

SAM683                                   SERVO MOTOR       NXT

SAM682                                   SERVO MOTOR       NXT

XM0022                                   SERVO MOTOR       NXT

XM0021                                   SERVO MOTOR       NXT

H4468C                                    BELT  NXT

K5181N                                    C/R PAN SCREW      NXT

GGPH1361                                PARALLEL PIN   XPF-S

DNPH1193                               GEAR XP142E

R2081T                                    RELAY       XP141E

AA19H05                                  FILTER       NXT

XB0321                                    PRISM BOX      NXT2

H3012G                                    FAN   NXT

PB3277                                    BKT   NXT

H3013C                                    FAN   NXT

GGPH425                                 RING XPF

A5054                                      O RING     NXT

GGPH218                                 STOPPER   XPF

GGPH299                                 SPACER     XPF

PG0097                                    PACKING   NXT

PH0099                                    PACKING   NXT

PG0097                                    PACKING   XPF

PG0131                                    PACKING   NXT

R2013                                      RELAY       NXT

AA0AL00                                  FILTER       NXT

AGGPH860                               COVER      XPF-L

AGGPH879                               LOWER PLATE   XPF-W

K3032K                                    GREASE     NXT

DEPH315                                  PARALLEL KEY   XP

ADBPP802                                PULLEY      QP3

AGGGC811                               DISPERSION PLATE  XPF

DEGC317                                  LIGHT HOLDER NXT

S4028H                                    SENSOR    NXT

PH0099                                    PACKING   NXT

H4581C                                    BEARING   NXT

ADNPH817                               PIN    XP142E

ADNPH818                               PIN    XP142E

S3253T                                     SPRING     XP142E 

GGPH271                                 STOPPER   XPF-L/S

H4452M                                   ROLLER BEARING    NXT

DNPH306                                 PIPE   XP241E/242E/341E

ADBPP801                                PULLEY      NXT2

A6083                                        NXT2

2MGGSF00030                          FILTER       XPF

AA7LM00                                 INDICATION UNIT   NXT

K1112A                                    CAM FOLLOWER      CPS

XB0078                                    BALL SCREW     NXT

S3070F                                     SLIDE NXT




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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