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Panasonic KME CM120/CM20/201/202/301/M9 type Mechanical Feeder

Panasonic KME CM120/CM20/201/202/301/M9 type Mechanical Feeder

Product Details:

Place of Origin:Japan
Brand Name:Panasonic
Model Number:M9B5CVM0000

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:Original packing
Delivery Time:2days
Payment Terms:TT,Paypal
Supply Ability:many in stocks
Minimum Order Quantity:1

Supply original new & original used feeder for CM120/CM20/201/202/301/M9 type Mechanical Feeder

Feeder 8*2mm P/E M9A5NWM0000 W8*0.5P Double Reel

Feeder 8*4mm P/E M9A1NWM0000 W8*1P Double Reel

Feeder 8*2mm P  M9B5CVM0000 W8*0.5P Small Reel

Feeder  8*2mm E  M9A5NSM0000 W8*0.5P Small Reel

Feeder 8*4mm P  M9B1CSM0000 W8*1P Small Reel

Feeder  8*4mm E  M9A1CSM0000 W8*1P Small Reel

Feeder 12*4mm E  M9C1CVM0000

Feeder 12*8mm E  M9C2CVM0000

Feeder 12*12mm E  M9C3CVM0000

Feeder 16*4mm E M9D1CVM0000

Feeder 16*4mm E M9D1DVM0000

Feeder 16*8mm E M9D2CVM0000

Feeder 16*8mm E M9D2DVM0000

Feeder 16*12mm E M9D3CVM0000

Feeder 16*12mm E M9D3DVM0000

Feeder 24*8mm E M9E2CVM0000

Feeder 24*8mm E M9E2DVM0000

Feeder 24*12mm E M9E3CVM0000

Feeder 24*12mm E M9E3DVM0000

Feeder 24*16mm E M9E4CVM0000

Feeder 24*16mm E M9E4DVM0000

Feeder 24*20mm E M9E5CVM0000

Feeder 24*20mm E M9E5DVM0000

Feeder 32*12mm E M9F3CVM0000

Feeder 32*12mm E M9F3DVM0000

Feeder 32*16mm E M9F4CVM0000

Feeder 32*16mm E M9F4DVM0000

Feeder 32*24mm E M9F6CVM0000

Feeder 32*24mm E M9F6DVM0000

Feeder 44*12mm E M9H3CVM0000

Feeder 44*12mm E M9H3DVM0000

Feeder 44*16mm E M9H4CVM0000

Feeder 44*20mm E M9H5CVM0000

Feeder 44*20mm E M9H5DVM0000

Feeder 44*24mm E M9H6CVM0000

Feeder 44*24mm E M9H6DVM0000

Feeder 44*32mm E M9H8CVM0000

Feeder 44*32mm E M9H8DVM0000

Feeder 56*12mm E M9J3DVM0000

Feeder 56*16mm E M9J4DVM0000

Feeder 56*20mm E M9J5DVM0000

Feeder 56*24mm E M9J6DVM0000

Feeder 56*32mm E M9J8DVM0000

























































































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