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Red Plastic SMT Solder Paste UV Curing Plastic Bonding Adhesives For Posts 30CC

Red Plastic SMT Solder Paste UV Curing Plastic Bonding Adhesives For Posts 30CC

Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:PY
Model Number:03g

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:Box
Delivery Time:1-7Day
Supply Ability:1000
SMT Red Plastic: SMT Red Plastic 120-150 Degree Curing Adhesive For Posts 30CC Curing Temperature: 120-150°C
Curing Equipment: Reflow Soldering Place Of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Name: No Clean Solder Paste
High Light:

tin lead solder paste


no clean solder paste

Red Plastic SMT Solder Paste UV Curing Plastic Bonding Adhesives For Posts 30CC



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

200g/bottle; 360g/bottle
A small sample for testing first is avaiable.

Delivery Time

Shipped in 5 days after payment

PY36G  is one component epoxy adhesive and a kind of heat cured adhesive. It designed for stencil printing . High bonding strength, high humidity ,high intensity,excellent electrical performance and good storage stability.


Typical Usage

Mainly used for the bonding of the mounted components on SMT.


Properties Uncured


  Typical Value Range Test Standard
Appearance Red cream    
Chemical Type Epoxy Resin    
Viscosity (Pa.s)(Brookfield RV) Spindle 7   200-400 GB/T 2794-1995
Thixotropic index 7    
Density (g/cm3) 1.35 1.32-1.38 GB/T 13354-1992

Operate Time at Room Temperature



Curing Condition Recommended

90-120s at 120°C.

60-90s at 150°C

The product will obtain to higher bonding strength when higher curing temperature and longer cured time . the figure curve is the recommended curing temperature and heating rate,Underthe corresponding temperature ,components need the time when they achieve good bonding strength.

Users can set the curing furnace’s temperature parameters according to the solidified characteristic curve of the glue and the heat efficiency of the Reflow Ovens


SE8309- SMT red glue printed with thick metal mask setncil


Performance After Cured

(Cured for 30min@150°C)


Physical Property

  Typical Value Test Standard
Hardness(ShoreD) 88 GB/T2411-1980
Shear Strength(MPa) 18.5 GB/T7124-1986
Tg(°C)(DSC) 105 ASTM E1545
Dielectric strength(KV/mm) 26.8 GB/T408.1-1999
Surface resistance (Ω) 3.5×1016 GB/T1410-2006


Direction For Use

The product should be recovered to room temperature before use, don't open the aluminum foil package before recovered to room temperature(the recovering time of 300ml packaging at least 2-4 hours).

The product should be used at 25°C ,

The glue viscosity will decline under the higher temperature, which influence printing effect; High humidity can increase the glue of moisture absorption which shorten the opening hours of the glue and influence the glue bonding strength. This product opening time is 48 hours at 25 °C,55% Rh.

Suggest to print at the speed of 20-150 mm/s; Drawknife pressure is 3-4 N/cm (Afer scraping, sheet should be clean, and avoid producing wire drawing); the deviating speed from the sheet is 0.1-3.0 mm/s.

Not cured adhesive which is stick on line wires can be erased with acetone or propylene alcohol ethers.

Please seal and chill when not using up the glue.


Application Process


SE8309- SMT red glue printed with thick metal mask setncil



Keep away from children.

The workshop should be adequate ventilation.

Wash with soapy water if on skin.

Wash with a lot of soapy water and then go for doctor if in eyes.

For more information, please refer to MSDS.



SMT red plastic 120-150 degree curing adhesive for posts 30CC


curing requirement
light amber to colorless and transparent liquid
The UV glue is formulated to cure when exposed to UV radiation of 365nm, The uv lamp power should more than 40w.
Fixing time
within 10s
Curing tool
UV lamp/UV light
Curing condition
365 nm
Multi-Part Adhesive
One- component

Notice of Shadowless traceless fast dry UV curable glue / adhesive

1. Make sure the glass is clean and dry.

2. In order to ensure the stability of product, blow the glass surface make sure it is dry without moisture, in winter construction

3. The product is irritated to eye and skin. Thoroughly flush the eyes with water at least 20 minutes, and seek medical attention, if splashed in eyes incaution
4. Only for industrial use, please refer to instructions and Material Safety Data Sheet for health and safet


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