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Smt Spare Parts for CP6/7/XP142/XP143/NXT/IP3/QP3

Smt Spare Parts for CP6/7/XP142/XP143/NXT/IP3/QP3

Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:FUJI
Model Number:CP6/7/XP142/XP143/NXT/IP3/QP3

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:box
Delivery Time:1day
Payment Terms:TT, Paypal
Supply Ability:1000pcs/day
Minimum Order Quantity:1

Smt Spare Parts for CP6/7/XP142/XP143/NXT/IP3/QP3


Supply FUJI SMT (Surface-Mount Technology)nozzles for QP & IP machine

IP3 Z-axis motor: SGM-01B3FJ12;
IP3 Q-axis motor the AGM-A3B3FJ12, X-axis motor the AGM-08A212;
IP3 3.7MM/5.0MM/7.0MM/10.0MM mouthpiece;
IP3 electromagnetic valve H1066T F * Y110-4ME2; the IP3 camera lens CH2048BNA; IP3 Y axis reading head, X-axis grating;
IP3 ring light 80B/84B/92B/110B; the the IP3 signal IO card FH1016A;
, IP3 8MM, 16MM, 24MM, 32MM, 44MM Pneumatic feeder;
, CP42, CP43 Z axis brand new motor, X, Y axis motor, FQ-axis motor, CP43 vacuum valve seal Aprons.
QP242 original purple lights power board, QP242 original purple lights, R1029A;

P / N: GFPN1150
P / N: GFPN1140
XP141E Z-axis lead screw, P / N: DEPH1031
XP142/143 Y axis screw bearings used H4224W
XP143E Piston AGFPH8015
XP143E data cable DNEH7021
XP143E Stopper, DNPH2100 XP142 H 3012L, H3012D
Fan two kinds of (1 .2 machine enclosure fan. Placement head of a small fan) XP242 DNPK0240 STOPPER (cylinder rubber mats) XP242 S21975 CYLINDER, AIR (cutter cylinder)
XP242 H13384 VALVE, SOL (cutter cylinder valve)
SX5320-5MZ-C6-F2-X21 XP142 S31992 SW.LIMIT (safety lock)
XCS-PA791 xp242 H 2124A
FEEDER jack Fuse
3A125V XP142 R2081T control security gates collector battery 3V/3.6V XP242 XP142 H10212 servo vacuum generators H 1007G / F (PISCO VKBH12R-0608SR 01G-B-NW-FMS-VBS)
XP242/XP243 vacuum generator H1007D / E (PISCO VKBH12W-0608SR 01G-B-NW-FMS-VBS)
XP reflective lens LIGHT HOLDER; AGFGC8052/8050 (XP light base)
XP reflective lens LIGHT HOLDER; AGFGC8042/8040 (XP light base)
O RING, A 5133A
XP hard drive, T4017D
XP MARK lens, GFGC3770
XP baffle cylinder DEQC0760
XP baffle cylinder GFQC1220
XP142E security door RELAY, Part Number: R2081T, Size: SLB200-C04-1R
XP142E/XP143E hard drive, part number: SDD512
XP142E/143E Stopper, Part Number: DNPH2100
XP142E/143E Spring, Part Number: DNPH2090
XP142E/143E: Piston (P / N: AGFPH8011/8013/8014)
PIN, Part Number: DNPH1083/ADNPH8170/8171; Part Number: DNPH1094/ADNPH8180/8181
XP142E/143E/XPF Nozzle on parts: FILTER
GFPN1150 (AGFPN8160) nozzle filter cotton, GFPN1140 (AGFPN8150) nozzle filter cotton on plastic components, GFPN1130 (AGFPN8140) under plastic components
XP used filters, Part Number: H 3022L
XP used filters, Part Number: H3022T
XP lamp transformer circuit board (Tigger Trans Box), Part Number: ADNEE3503
XP connector, part number; K5051H
XP142E 1 Part camera ADNGC7100
XP142E 2 Mark camera ADNGC8292
XP142E 3 Timing belt H45735
XP142E 4 Light holder ADNC8168
XP142E 5 Motor SAM6830
XP142E 6 Motor SAM6820
XP142E 7 Motor ADNPH8010
XP142E 8 Motor XM00211
XP143E 1 Part camera AGFEN3300
XP143E 2 Mark camera AGFGC8122
XP143E 3 Light holder ADFGC8090
XP143E 4 Vision PCB AFEPE270 *
XP143E 5 CPU AFEPE260 *
XP143E 6 R, Q, Z servo amp EEAN2651
XP143E 7 F, G servo amp EEAN2870
XP142E Parts Feeding Mechanism SERVO MOTOR, P / N:





















































































































































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