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PCB Assembly SMT Assembly Equipment Tin Cream Mixer / Solder Paste Mixer Machine

PCB Assembly SMT Assembly Equipment Tin Cream Mixer / Solder Paste Mixer Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin:china
Brand Name:PY
Model Number:2001

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:box
Supply Ability:500
Name: Solder Paste Mixer Machine Dimensions: L460*W430*H480(MM)
Mixing Time: Usually 3-5 Mins ,(0-30 Mins Can Be Adjusted Mixing Angle: 45 Degree (Obliquely)
Motor Speed: 350RPM Net Weight: 45kgs
High Light:

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epoxy dispensing machine

Main Fe

1, Introduction
The revolution of the centrifugal force generated by automatic paste mixer,the force produced by the rotation of the rotating shaft and the angle of 45 degrees,The tank is located in the upper end of the paste continuous downward movement,Located at the bottom of the pipe to the tank above the paste around the movement, the formation of a tornado funnel type stirring action, make a smooth paste mixing and softening, deaeration reach the proper viscosity after mixing paste has good wettability, diffusion uniformity, excellent printing effect, to achieve the best performance of reflow soldering when.Its characteristics are as follows:

A, Mixing does not require prior paste retreat of ice.
B, Special control circuit, mixing time and speed can be adjusted, easy to operate.
C, Paste 45 degrees rotation, along the axis direction, not attached to the tank cover paste.
D Smooth running, low noise, with the natural temperature in the mixing process, the effect of removing bubbles.
E, Paste pot without opening the lid, convenient, safe, suitable for various packing paste pot clamp.
F, Without water, does not destroy the shape of tin.
G, Power single 220V, with a safety device, to ensure personal safety

2, Installation
A, Remove the packaging, read this manual carefully. His hands at the bottom of the host machine position mentioned host, in the right direction, and laid a solid stable host ground requirements.
B, Please check the use of the machine specifications (AC220V) and the voltage specifications of the city.
C, Open the lock, open the machine cover, hand clockwise revolution operation device and fixture should be more paste pot do corresponding rotation.
D, Confirm the power supply is correct and the power switch is in the position of off/ off..
E. As the quality of solder paste and refrigerated condition, adjust the panel time set to better mixing time.
F, To stop the operation of the machine, according to the power to open the key, stop and cancel the operation.
3,Matters need attention
It is strictly prohibited to work the operation in the case of opening the cover or the cover of the machine.,Production run after the machine to open the cover, must wait for the machine to completely stop and then open. There will be some shaking when the machine is moving.,So the machine must be placed in a stable and solid place.,If the machine runs once excessive abnormal intense vibration,Immediately turn off the power,After the machine stop running,then Open cover check, be excluded.
4, Device Parameter
Working voltage:AC220V(60HZ)40W
Running speed:the first times:1400RPM:the second times:400RPM
Net weight/gross weight:40KG/45KG
setting time:0.1-9.9 second ,adjust 0.1S per times.
10-30 second, adjust 1.0S per times
5, Operation-Step
Step1:.Open the lock catch and cover,then confirm
that do not has other things inner.

Step 2:take out the solder paste and counterpoise(500g)

Step 3: Put solder paste and counterpoise into pot.(Mark: If max two pots at the same time, it need to remove the counterpoise)


Step 4: please turn a around by hand ,confirm that do not impact each other. then close the cover and open power switch.

Step 5:Set the better maxing time,5 minute for reference (Mark: controller of time: H-hour,M-Minute, S-Second, it show 05M00, that is ok)

Step 6: Press the start key later, the working light will be lighting, then the solder paste mixer start to max the solder paste automatically until complete ,then step automatically.

Step 7:Mix completely later,press the start key and close the switch
6, Maintenance
The solder paste mixer is precise small machine, so that need to often do maintenance, extend lifetime.
A, Need to use fully enclosed bearing, Machine needs to be kept clean
B, Spin device belt non durable goods, If there is any damage to the timely replacement
7, Mark
If you need the mixing tank two solder paste at the same time, To confirm that its weight is roughly equal,The difference is not more than 50g,If you only need a pot of paste mix according to weight of solder paste to choose 500g counterpoise, Or with an empty scrap solder paste pot into the equivalent weight or other items when the balance weight.To stop the operation of the machine, according to the power to open the key, stop and cancel the operation.Operation to open the machine cover, this opportunity will automatically stop running, the upper cover is covered after executing mixing operation, do not need to press the power switch

PCB Assembly SMT Assembly Equipment Tin Cream Mixer / Solder Paste Mixer Machine

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