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TOP8820N SMT Assembly Equipment Automatic 10 Zones Lead Free Reflow Oven

TOP8820N SMT Assembly Equipment Automatic 10 Zones Lead Free Reflow Oven

Product Details:

Place of Origin:china
Brand Name:PY
Model Number:LED Reflow Oven E8

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1
Packaging Details:box
Name: Nitrogen Reflow Oven Voltage: 380V/3 Phase
Conveyor Direct: Left To Right Warm-up Time: 15 Min
Weight: 2100KG Rated Capacity: 35KW
High Light:

epoxy dispensing machine


wave soldering machine

TOP8820N SMT Assembly Equipment Automatic 10 zones lead free reflow oven



1. Environment friendly
2. Energy saving
3. Brand-new design ,built with quality
4. Simple operation
5. Good after-sale service


GSD-L10 Lead Free Reflow Oven

Control system PC+PLC
Heating/cooling 20 heating zone 2 cooling zone
Heating zone length 3250mm
Temperature range Room temperature-350°C
Temperature accuracy ±1°C
Three temperature ±2°C
Cooling Forced cooling (patented cooling system)
PCB size 50(W)-400mm(W)
A high degree of PCB transfer 900±20mm
Transmission Chain rail&mesh belt
Transmission direction L→R(R→L)
Transmission speed 0-2000mm/min adjustable
Wide range of track notes 50-500mm
Net width 460mm
Power failure protection UPS
Power supply A3ø380V 50HZ
Normal working power/total power consumption 6/82KW
Dimensions(l*w*h) 5800mm(L)*1500mm(W)*1550mm(H)
Weight 2250KG


l windows operating interface is adopted and two control methods,including PC control and emergency manual control, are designed to ensure the safety of the device.

l The advanced way of heating solves the problem of the dead angle that may arise when reflow soldering.

l Professional wind wheel design with stable blowing speed which effectively avoids evenness of the wind when PCB is being as to achieve a most efficient reheating.

l Regions of different temperature adopt the circulation independent from each other,with independent PID control and up/down heating method method,so as to ensure the accurate and even temperature of the furnace and large thermal capacity.

l The heating preservation layer adopts quality aluminum silicate heat preserving material,with good preservation effect and high heating-up speed.It takes 20min to heat up working temperature from room temperature.

l Quality high-temperature high-speed motor is running stably with light vibration and low noise

l The furnace is jacked by cylinder and supported by safety rod to ensure safety and convenience.

l The PCB is conveyed non-level with changed frequency and speed and synchronous grid and chain to ensure great stability.

l Special quality aluminum alloy guide rail is adopted and auto fuel feeding system ensures the debugging accuracy of the guild rail as well as its use life.

l UPS function is equipped to ensure normal output of PCB after power break and avoid damage.

l The software has powerful function.It can measure the temperature of the PCB online and can analyze ,save and print the data and curve from time to time.

l PC and PLC adopts PC/PP protocol to communication with each other which ensures stable working and avoids system down.Auto detecting and showing working status of the device.

l Enforced air cooling ;PCB temperature≤60°C.

l Special furnace liner design ,with good heat preservation ability and low power consumption.


Product features:

The machine adopts heating method of imported heating board with even temperature and high heat compensation efficency,is especially suitable for sold of BGA CSP components.
The patent wind wheel design can ensure wind speed wind speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion.
All temperature zone apply coercive didependent cycles PID controls and up and down heating style,which make the temperature of the oven accurate with large heat capacity.
The heating is quick,it takes less than 30 minutes ti heat from the normal temperature to the working temperature.
Power by the imported high temperature high speed motor with high quality,hot wind created is stable with no vibration and noise.
The upper cover of the oven is raised by electric handspike,safe and credibie.
The inphase parallel conveyor of chains and mesh which adopts step less speed regulating.
The track are made of special aluminum alloy with high rigidity accuracy and intensitymauto chain lubrican filling system.
UPS power off protection function which ensures the normal output of PCB board without damage after the power is off.
Powerful programming software’s controlling system, It can detect the online temperature of PCB and can analysis,save and type the
data curves.
MODBUS protocol is adopted in PC and PLC communication works stably without system halting.
Automatically monitoring and displaying the working condition of the oven the parameter of the oven can be modified at any moment.
Special solder design, best temperature saving, lowest power consumption in the same field.
Compel water cooling quick and even, the speed can be controled by frequency conversion, no temperature rebound which makes
soldered point smooth and shining.
The nitrogen flowmeter enable you to know the nitrogen flux anytime.
Quickly extracting oxygen and charging with nitrogen which can provide high purity nitrogen easily.
Vertical nitrogen anti leak technology to prevent the leaking of nitrogen.


Model TOP7720N TOP8820N TOP1020N
Heating part of the parameters
Heating Zone Top7/Bottom7 Top8 /Bottom8 Top10/Bottom10
Heating Zone Length 2625mm 3000mm 3750mm
Cooling Zone Quantity Top2/Bottom2
Conveyor System
Max Width Of PCB Rail type 400mmMesh belt type 450mm
Rail Adjustment Range 50-400mm
Conveyor Direction L→R(R→L)
Fixation Type Of Rail Front Rail Fixed(Option:Rear Rail Fixed)
Conveyor Height Mesh 880±20mm,Chain900±20mm
Conveyor Type Chaim+Mesh
Conveyor Speed 300-2000mm/Min
Controlling System
Power 3 Phase 5 Wores(380V 50/60Hz)
Power Of Start Up 38Kw 45Kw 58Kw
Operation Approx.10Kw Approx.12Kw Approx.15Kw
Heat-Up Time About 20 min
range Of Temperature Control Room Temper ature-350℃
Temperature Control Full computer PID closed - loop control, SSR drive
Temperature Control LCD PC+PLC
Temperature Control Accurcy ±1℃
Temperature Distributing Error PCB ±1-2℃
Cooling Method Standard:Forced-Air Type(Option:Water-Chiller)
Abnormal Alarm AbnormalTemperature (Extra-high/Extra-Low Temp)
Board Dropped Alarm Tower Light:Yellow Warming;Green-Normal;Red-Abnormal
Machine Size & Weight
Approx Weight Approx.2000Kg Approx.2200Kg Approx.2500Kg
Dimension(mm)L×W×H L49000×W1400×H1600 L5200×W1400×H1600 L6000×W1400×H1600
Exhaust Volume 10 cubic / min 2 channel 180MM
Nitrogen parts
Nitrogen system(RFN-820) /Nitrogen flux:20-30m3/hour Oxygen density:500-800ppm
External water-cooling system Power:3P Cooling Speed:≥6℃sec


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